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request free trees

and join the movement to plant ten million trees for PA!

Please note: The K10 Partnership team is currently handling a influx of inquiries and requests. Our processing can take a few weeks, so hold tight if you don’t hear back from us right away. If someone has not responded to you within 30 days OR if you are facing an urgent deadline, please reach out to our team lead, Marley McKind.

Please also review our Priority Plantings blog post for more important information.


PLANTING ADDRESS if different from primary address:
I own the land(Required)
There is livestock on this property
Do you require funding for a fence?
I am comfortable with having a variety of species of trees
I have overhead power lines or underground utilities on your property
Please select Yes if you are interested in applying for any funding towards implementing conservation practices on your property
Please select if the trees will be planted along streams
I have been approved for some similar funding in the past
I am willing to pick up materials if needed
I am willing to cost-share if needed
I want to subscribe to the Ten Million Trees mailing list(Required)