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In order to plant 10 Million Trees for Pennsylvania by 2025, we need to get the word out to the public. Our efforts have already been noticed by various publications and news outlets. Scroll through the blogs and press releases below to learn more about trees, the Partnership and how others are working together to keep Pennsylvania on track towards reaching its goal!

  • Photo Credit: BJ Small


    5-Millionth Tree Marks Milestone for Pennsylvania

    From small acorns grow mighty oaks—and in Pennsylvania, that means clean water.

  • Let Leaves Be: Hibernation Season Is Near!

    Letting fallen leaves stay on the ground provides a plethora of benefits to water quality and wildlife, including winter cover for butterflies, bees, and other beneficial pollinators.

  • Pennsylvania’s Leaf Peeping Places!

    47 Partner Sites to Spot Fall Foliage.
  • Brotherly Love for Trees

    Community activist Kiasha Huling finds trees are some of the best tools to combat Philadelphia’s harmful “heat islands”

  • Photo Credit: Brenda Sieglitz

    Priority Planting Zones

    Wondering how K10 sorts through and prioritizes tree request? This blog will answer any of your questions.
  • Photo Credit: pixabay

    Saving PA from Space

    The Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership has partnered with NASA to track tree height from space.
  • Photo Credit: BJ Small

    Full Attention on Halfmoon Creek

    CBF and partners create a unique watershed restoration plan
  • Photo Credit: John Naylor

    River Protector

    Pennsylvania resident John Naylor is on a mission to rid the Susquehanna of its plastic problem
  • Photo Credit: Istock

    Charismatic Creatures

    A Pennsylvania farm owner steps up to protect bog turtles on his land

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