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How We Do It

every journey starts with a single ... sapling

Planting 10 million trees is no small goal, but we have the plan, the people, and the passion to make it happen.

Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program


Step 1: We’ve got the trees

Investing in native trees is the cornerstone of our program, providing financial security to the nursery industry and guaranteed products for the partnership. In July 2020 businesses in PA and MD were awarded contracts to grow native trees and shrubs on demand through 2022 for the partnership. A forward contract is expected to continue for 2023.

Photo Credit: CBF Staff


Step 2: We’ve got your back

Getting a tree in the ground is (pretty) easy. All of the work that goes into preparing the site before and even more work maintaining and nurturing the tree afterwards is a heavier lift. To help lighten that load, we work through collaborative grants to provide funding that helps support site prep, planting and stewardship, as well as research and innovation. Case in point: In September 2020, the partnership and PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Chesapeake Conservancy, and Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professionals was awarded a nearly $2 million National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant to plant and maintain 360 acres of new trees across 8 counties.

Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program


Step 3: We’ll match your site with the right trees

If you have the land, we’ll help you find the right spot and the right tree/s. Following a complete site evaluation, we will provide recommendations on which trees are best for your space and your needs. Right now, we are looking for landowners who own land currently or formerly used in agricultural production, stormwater impact areas, abandoned and legacy mine lands, and urban communities; particularly those impacted by social justice issues.

Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program


Step 4: We plant well with others

If you are a landowner, community member, volunteer, or want to partner, we’d love to work with you. Please explore the site to see how you can qualify for free trees, meet our partners, and learn about the power of trees and the success of the partnership to date.

our progress

trees and counting

In 2018, we set an eight year goal to plant ten million trees across Pennsylvania. That goal launched a movement that has involved collaborating with national, regional, state, and local agencies, conservation organizations, outdoors enthusiasts, businesses, and citizens ­– including you!

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    Just the facts in black and white (and a little bit of green).

    We all know that trees are good for our families, our land, and our future. Let’s dig into why.

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    A handy list of materials to help YOU help us help Pennsylvania

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”tree“ work makes the dream work

Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Program