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  • 2018
  • 2019
    1.74 million
  • 2020
    3.09 million
  • 2021
    3.95 Million
K10 Partnership History

where we started and how it‘s going

Follow the history of the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership and learn about all we’ve been able to accomplish since our launch in 2018.

Photo Credit: CBF Staff

The Beginning: 2018

•Volunteers planted more than 31,000 trees at more than 50 locations in the partnership’s first week alone.
•The partnership opens a tree supply distribution warehouse called the “Treehouse” in Duncannon.

Photo Credit: CBF Staff


• The Keystone Tree Fund was passed by the Pennsylvania General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf in 2019, creating a voluntary $3 check-off box on Pennsylvania driver’s license to support tree planting efforts across the Commonwealth.
• The partnership planted more than 100,000 trees—enough to sequester 2.3 billion pounds of carbon and reduce 46,000 pounds of nitrogen, 6,473 pounds of phosphorus, and 111 tons of sediment pollution once fully mature.

Photo Credit: CBF Staff


• In spring, the partnership was highlighted by Honoring the Future in their “Honoring Trees” online art exhibit featuring works by 14 of today’s leading artists.
• In May, the partnership contracted an investment of over $2.6 million in trees and supplies over the next 2 years through an innovative contract process called a “forward contract” which guarantees native tree species to be grown for their partners.
• The partnership added a truck and skid loader-forklift to its fleet to assist with moving tree supplies around their warehouse and out to partners.
• In September, we were awarded a nearly $2 million National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant with 4 other partners to plant and maintain 360 new acres in eight counties in south central PA.
• In conjunction with Pennsylvania Forestry Association, we awarded our first Mira Lloyd Dock Partnership Awards to Rafiyqa Muhammad of Harrisburg and Kristen Thomas of Lancaster for their conservation and urban beautification work in under-represented portions of their communities.

Photo Credit: CBF Staff


• The partnership expanded to a second warehouse in York through the generosity of a donor.
• In April, we partnered with Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania to celebrate Girl Scouts USA Tree Promise to plant 5 million trees over the next five years.
• Over 20 keystone partners signed on in support of an Agricultural Cost-Share bill in Pennsylvania.
• We became a pledging partner of the US 1 Trillion Trees Chapter
• In April, the partnership partnered with the NASA Globe Observer program and participated in a webinar and their 2021 Community Trees Challenge.
• In conjunction with Pennsylvania Forestry Association, the partnership awarded its second Mira Lloyd Dock Partnership Diversity Awards to Kiasha Huling of UC Green in Philadelphia and Shauna Yorty of Lancaster for their conservation work and community building in under-represented portions of their cities.
• In September, the partnership launched its fourth fall planting season planting over 65,000 trees
• By November, partners have planted over 3.96 million trees

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