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Mira Lloyd Dock Award Nominee


Awardee(s) of the Mira Lloyd Dock Partnership Diversity Award will receive $5,000 worth of native trees and supplies from the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership, coordinated by Chesapeake Bay Foundation, to use towards a 2024 tree project as part of the Mira Lloyd Dock awards presented with the Pennsylvania Forestry Association. The award was created to honor the spirit of Mira Lloyd Dock, who pursued urban beautification and forest conservation at a time when women or people of color were not welcomed at the decision-making table. Awardee(s) are ranked on their community engagement, collaboration, and environmental conservation work with environmental justice communities in support of planting ten million trees for Pennsylvania. Awardee(s) are given credit for using science, research, innovative and creative approaches to conservation.

Awardee(s) will be invited to receive the award in person at the Pennsylvania Forestry Association’s Annual Symposium on Saturday, November 4th at Toftrees Resort and Conference Center in State College. Registration, mileage, and overnight stay for the recipient to attend the conference will also be provided.

Awardee(s) are responsible for leading and coordinating their 2024 project and day-of details including partner collaboration, applying for, and obtaining necessary permits, equipment, and labor.  Awardee(s) are responsible for coordinating with their local communities/districts/boroughs/municipalities to ensure community collaboration and successful implementation of project.

Please refer to this map for more information about Environmental Justice areas across PA.