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Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

Reforesting Our Streamsides

A Riparian (meaning “streamside” in Latin) Forest Buffer is an area of native trees and shrubs along a stream. Without forest cover, streams are unprotected from polluted runoff and runaway streambank erosion. Bare stream sides are unlikely to host aquatic life which filter pollution out of the water.

Our mission is to reforest as much of these riparian areas as we can by planting trees and shrubs, mostly on private land. This will not only dramatically help clean up our local streams and eventually the Chesapeake Bay itself, but will exponentially improve the properties where trees are planted. Livestock will be healthier, pollinators and other wildlife will return, and landowners will benefit from their new forests, which will only get better with time.


  • 841 Flory Mill Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601

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  • Regional NGO


  • Lancaster

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