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Centre Region Parks & Recreation

The Agency’s Mission:  “We inspire the Centre Region to learn, play, protect, and connect by creating diverse programs and experiences for all ages, backgrounds, and abilities in sustainable natural spaces and places.”

The Agency’s Vision: “The Centre Region is a vibrant area that enjoys a tremendous quality of life through great parks and exceptional recreation opportunities. The parks and recreation system is part of daily life and shapes the character of the Centre Region. Natural, cultural, historic, and recreational resources cultivate outstanding experiences, health, enjoyment, fun, and learning for all people. Residents are proud stewards and supporters of an extraordinary, sustainable parks and recreation system. As the Centre Region’s population continues to grow, so does the demand for more parks, recreation programs, indoor and outdoor facilities, and interconnected bikeways and trails. To address these challenges, we work closely with our residents, streamline operations to become more efficient, maximize the use of alternative funding sources, and place an increased emphasis on partnerships and responsible stewardship of the environment.”


  • 2040 Sandy Dr Suite A, State College PA 16803

Type of Organization:

  • Regional NGO


  • Centre County

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