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Ironwood Forestry

My name is Andrea Ferich, thanks for visiting my website. I am a consulting forester and forest farmer focusing on native trees and shrubs in agroforestry systems. I work with landowners to make their forest dreams come true. My specialty is integrating tree crops such as pawpaws, chestnuts, elderberries, hazelnuts, persimmons, and a variety of other specialty fruits, nuts, cut flowers, and medicinal plants with ecological restoration.

I walk with landowners on their property, design the projects, install them, and offer maintenance.

Practices include riparian buffers, silvopasture, hedgerows, forest farming, alley cropping, and windbreaks.


  • 1107 Pine Creek Road Woodward, PA 16882

Type of Organization:

  • Tree Business


  • Centre

Technical Expertise:

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