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Lancaster Conservancy

The Conservancy protects natural lands (forests, meadows, wetlands, etc.), preserving them in their wild state forever. Though we do not preserve farmland, we often work closely with our sister organization, the Lancaster Farmland Trust, who works solely to preserve farmland with agricultural easements.

As you might guess, the Lancaster Conservancy was founded to protect land in Lancaster County. However, nature doesn’t recognize man-made boundaries, so we work wherever there is a need, particularly when that land is along a stream. As a result, we actually hold land in four counties:

  • Lancaster
  • York
  • Chester
  • Dauphin

Recently, we have so many critical conservation projects in York County that we established a subsidiary called the York Wildlands.


  • 117 S West End Ave, Lancaster PA 17603

Type of Organization:

  • NGO


  • Lancaster

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