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Mt Gretna Campmeeting Assoc

The Mt. Gretna Campmeeting received its charter on March 17, 1892.
The summer people, members of the Campmeeting Association, typically resided in tents for the Bible Conference season. The conference lasted about 10 days and has been held here every year since 1892. That “season” soon expanded to include the entire summer. With that the tents on “tent lots” became the cottages that we still enjoy today.

We have many year-round residents, including many retirees and working professionals, who enjoy the summer crowds, activities, and devotion, as well as the winter calm. Summer guests and residents still come for the Bible Festival. Many come here for a respite from the heat and constant activity of the city. They come for hiking or riding on the great number of trails that surround the Campmeeting, or for theater, music, and arts programs. All appreciate the social nature of our porches. Many friendships begin on these porches and are renewed there each summer.


  • 408 3rd St, Mt Gretna, PA 17064

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