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Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County

The Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County was created by resolution of the Westmoreland County Commissioners on April 9, 1942 and celebrated its 75th year in business in 2017.

The drinking water system of the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County was developed over the past 75+ years through the strategic acquisition of established systems and planned water line extensions to accommodate growth.

In 1943, MAWC acquired Citizens Water Co. In 1950, MAWC acquired Westmoreland Water Co. and Vandergrift Water Co. and started planning to build today’s Beaver Run Reservoir. McKeesport’s Water System was purchased in 1987.

As a result of these and other acquisitions and expansions, the service area as now comprised extends approximately 25 miles from east to west and 40 miles from north to south and incorporates over 2,400 miles of pipeline.


  • 124 Park and Pool Rd, New Stanton PA 15672

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  • Local NGO


  • Westmoreland

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