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Swatara Watershed Association

Swatara Watershed Association’s (SWA) goal is to ensure the Swatara Watershed have access to clean water. We manage the Swatara Water Trail that offers recreational access to the creek. We organize and conduct tree buffer plantings throughout the watershed, on farms and in urban areas.

Since 2021, SWA has partnered with the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership to plant trees in the Swatara Creek Watershed. Trees provide many benefits to the watershed. They absorb nutrient runoff from lawns and farm fields before it can enter streams. They absorb and slow water runoff during rain events which helps with erosion of the soil and reduce flooding. When planted along the banks of streams as riparian buffers, trees help to stabilize the stream bank by holding the soil in place with their roots.

Address: 1929 Blacks Bridge Rd, Annville, PA 17003


Type of Organization: Watershed Group


County: Lebanon

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