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Friends of Flight 93

Photo Credit: Friends of Flight 93

For over a decade, the National Park Service, Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial, and National Park Foundation have partnered to continue a significant reforestation project that will soon result in 150,000 newly planted trees at Flight 93 National Memorial. This conservation project is part of the memorial’s original design. The project’s goal is to reclaim the former surface mine with native trees to re-establish wildlife habitats, create essential windbreaks and establish the healing of the memorial landscape.


The reforestation project has been a collaborative partnership that is shared by state and federal 

government agencies and both private and academic organizations. More than 5,000 volunteers over the past nine years have made this project possible. Since the beginning of the plantings in 2012, 193.2 acres have been reforested. The earliest planted trees have grown upwards of 8-feet tall to form a windbreak for the 40 Memorial Groves. Much of the land now part of the memorial is a former surface coal mine, and this effort has also re-established wood­land wildlife habitats and cultivated a living memorial. Planting 38 native tree species has attracted 63 native bee species and 141 native bird species.

Photo Credit: Friends of Flight 93

Volunteers joining the Friends of Flight 93 to plant trees.

The 2022 two-day event includes partners with forestry professionals and local businesses to help plant over 14,000 tree seedlings over 20 acres of memorial ground. In addition, volunteers from local companies will continue the tradition of reforestation and volunteerism during National Park Week at Flight 93 National Memorial. To date, volunteers planted 137,652 new tree seedlings at the memorial.


If you wish to participate in Plant a Tree at Flight 93, registration will open on March 28th. The Friends of Flight 93 and its partners look to foster community, business, and volunteer involvement for the 2022 event. Registration will be available on the Friends website

Danielle D. Miller, Education Coordinator, Friends of Flight 93

Photo Credit: Friends of Flight 93

An example of volunteers on the ground planting trees.

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