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In order to plant 10 Million Trees for Pennsylvania by 2025, we need to get the word out to the public. Our efforts have already been noticed by various publications and news outlets. Scroll through the blogs and press releases below to learn more about trees, the Partnership and how others are working together to keep Pennsylvania on track towards reaching its goal!

  • Photo Credit: Will Parson

    Pennsylvania’s Steep Road to Clean Water

    Earlier this month, CBF released its 2021 State of the Blueprint report with a large focus on Pennsylvania. Here are the highs, lows, and next steps for the Keystone State.
  • Photo Credit: Facebook

    PA Trout Unlimited Chapter Wins Award For Stream Cleanup

    Donegal TU members and volunteers planted and cared for buffer trees and shrubs on Fishing Creek, Penn. in October.
  • Photo Credit: USDA

    How close to the goal is the initiative to plant 10 million trees across Pennsylvania?

    A feature story of the partnership featured on PennLive
  • Photo Credit: BJ Small

    A Tree Grows in Dairy Land

    Trees are among the most cost-effective methods for filtering and absorbing harmful water pollution from farms. Fiddle Creek Dairy is putting them out to pasture.
  • Photo Credit: BJ Small

    New Trees Are Sweet Healing for North Harford Maple Farm

    Maples and oaks planted on a hillside in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania are sweet examples of the protective and healing powers of trees.
  • Photo Credit: Kiasha Huling

    Dock Award Kiasha

    In Philadelphia, better health grows on trees thanks to Kiasha Huling's work with UC Green.
  • Photo Credit: Kevin M. Ressler

    Dock Award Shauna

    Mira Lloyd Dock Award recipient Shauna Yorty is growing community connections in a Lancaster neighborhood.
  • Photo Credit: BJ Small

    Love Deer? Plant a Tree

    Hunters and wildlife enthusiasts in Pennsylvania are finding many benefits in streamside forests.

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